Cruising through Vietnam on a motorbike: During a heatwave! 

My partner and I did a four-day motorbike trip through northwest Vietnam in the middle of a record-breaking heatwave. Here are some of the ups-and-downs of our trip, and my tips on how to do it without getting burnt to a crisp.



A fountain with the backdrop of chateau de Versailles at night


A night to remember at the Château de Versailles: Night Fountains Show

Every year, for a limited time, the Château de Versailles puts together incredible nocturnal walks with their night fountains and musical garden show. Called, Les Grandes Eaux Musicales, needless to say, it is no ordinary walk in the park. Here’s what you can expect from the Versailles Night Fountains Show.
Boats at the dock in Port de l'Arsenal, Paris

Slow Paris

Jardin du Port de l’Arsenal, Paris: For cherry blossoms & day-dreaming

In the shadow of Place de la Bastille and its towering Colonne de Juillet, just a couple of steps down towards the canal, lies a veritable oasis of greenery and blooming flowers, called the Jardin du Port de l’Arsenal.
A Paris biker with a bouquet of flowers on her backseat

Essays, Slow Paris

Parisian etiquette: What is considered rude in Paris? 

Paris has a strong live-and-let-live energy. Like in any other great cities of the world, you can be who you want to be. Reinvent a new version of you or find yourself. Yet, there are certain hard limits when it comes to Paris etiquettes. If you are visiting Paris, or are a new resident in the French capital, it’s good to know about some of these. a) To respect the place and its people and b) to make your time in the city easier.
A Paris statue surrounded by blooming roses

Slow Paris

Rubbing these Paris statues apparently brings you good luck!

Statues have always been infused with magical, religious and mythical qualities. Here are three Paris statues you can visit, if you believe in the the practice of rubbing statues for luck or love or what have you!


Lac de Bethmale: An emerald gem in Occitanie, France

Lac de Bethmale is very often described as an ’emerald lake,’ and that is no exaggeration. This surreal green-blue coloured lake in Occitanie is surrounded on all sides by dense forest. I would go so far as to say, if there was one place in the world where fairies and fishes might live together, this would be it.
Blooming cherry blossom trees at Jardin Anne Frank

Slow Paris

Jardin Anne Frank: An idyllic Paris garden with a ‘remarkable tree’

Jardin Anne Frank is a hidden gem, quiet literally tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the busy Paris streets. This garden also has a very special tree which has been categorised in the list of ‘ arbres remarquables’ or ‘remarkable trees’ of Paris.


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This is my pursuit with Détours, to inspire people to view travel and exploration from a more mindful eco-centric, rather than ego-centric lens.

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